Tours’ ‘Summer Beat’ Gains Popularity with Record Pre-Orders

Tours’ ‘Summer Beat’

The up-and-coming K-pop group Tours has made a significant splash with their second mini album ‘SUMMER BEAT!’. According to Pledis Entertainment and album distributor YG Plus, pre-orders for the album have exceeded 500,000 copies, reaching a remarkable total of 508,480 as of the 23rd.

This impressive figure is more than double the pre-orders for their debut album ‘Sparkling Blue’, which recorded 240,809 copies. ‘Sparkling Blue’ went on to sell over 500,000 copies, earning the group a half-million seller status.

Scheduled for release on the 24th, ‘Summer Beat’ promises to deliver the same heartfelt lyrics and refreshing melodies that evoke the emotions of boyhood, while also exploring various music genres such as rock and boom bap.

Jeonghan’s ‘Last Night’ Breaks Records

Jeonghan, another notable figure in the K-pop scene, has achieved a milestone with his latest single ‘Last Night’. The track is the title song of his single album ‘THIS MAN’, which draws inspiration from an urban legend about people worldwide dreaming of a man with the same face.

As of the 20th, ‘THIS MAN’ has sold over 690,000 copies, setting a new record for first-week sales in K-pop unit history. This achievement highlights Jeonghan’s growing influence and popularity in the music industry.

Both Tours and Jeonghan are making waves with their latest releases, setting new records and capturing the hearts of fans around the world. Keep an eye out for ‘Summer Beat’ and ‘Last Night’ as they continue to dominate the K-pop charts.